Insights from an Amateur Writer – Jim Middleton’s Friday Program

Jim Middleton joined our group last year and in that time he has worked hard on his story and it shows. On Friday, April 21, he will pull back the curtain on how he has improved as a writer. Since we all feel like beginners at some point, (some of us feel that way every time we start writing) this program will be insightful for everyone.

If you are wondering what Jim will be talking about, below is his broad outline. I love how stream of conscience it is.

“An untrained writer starts writing every day

First thing is to write.  

Learn to self-edit, rewrite and get better. Where do you learn how?

Organize a world, a reason for the story, a plot, a starting point. Where do you learn how?

Where do you find people who have struggled to learn to write and are patient? Why yes, bring your work to the Writer’s Guild. Be patient yourself and listen to what you need to learn.

What do you use for a writing tool? Wordpad, Scrivener, Word 2016. Why do I still use all of them?

What the heck is pov? Why write narrative in past tense and dialog in present?  What is third person limited? Where do you find out what this stuff is?

Is there more, going from stream of consciousness to professional writing?

And yes, the presenter is an amateur, who is eight months in. Examples will be shown.

Keep writing.”

Insights from an Amateur Writer

Speaker: Jim Middleton

What: Lewis County Writer Guild’s monthly meeting

Where: The Station Coffee Bar and Bistro, 120 S Tower Ave, Centralia, WA

When: Friday, April 21, 2017, 5 p.m. social hour, 6 p.m. program

Hope to see you there!


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