How to Find the Freebies

Below is a list with links to the freebies that Jennifer talked about last Friday. From motivation to editing there is something for everyone.

Nanowrimo Goal Tracker

Nanowrimo has year-round resources for all writers, not just ones who participated in Nanowrimo in November. Sign up for free and then measure your progress with their fun goal tracker.


If you miss the ambiance of a coffee shop click on Coffitivity and bring the coffee shop to your office. Perfect for when you need to concentrate and can’t focus in a too quiet or too noisy room.

Weird but True app

This is one of the hundreds of apps for both iPhone and Androids that end your writer’s block. Learn something fascinating and add it to your next story.

Daily Writing Tips

In just three minutes a day, you can improve your grammar skills. This website has great articles, quizzes, and writing examples that will improve your understanding grammar in no time.


Download this program and it will find any grammar mistakes you make in any document both online and in MS Word. Includes explanations so you can learn from your mistakes

Natural Reader

Reading your story out loud helps you find mistakes. Having someone else read it while you listen helps even more. Natural Reader allows you to listen to your computer read your story and edit as it does.


Get free photos in your inbox and you’ll never have to go hunting for the perfect photo or wonder if you are violating someone’s copyright law. Simply save them to your photo folder for future use.


You can create marvelous covers, Facebook banners, business cards, and other marketing tools using Canva’s templates. Combine them with the free photos from Unsplash. It is a great one-two punch.

Created by Jennifer Vandenberg 2017  – Authorized for free use


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