Plot Prompts and Amy’s Advice

Amy gave a wonderful talk last Friday. She started by sharing a variety of writing books with everyone and encouraged us to find helpful tips inside these books. We then shared two or three meaningful suggestions that we found in our books. If anyone wants to learn more from these books they can all be found at a Timberland library near you.

Are you interesting in participating in Nanowrimo this year? Amy explained how the program works and there were several writers interested in joining this November. She would gladly assist anyone who wants to participate. There will be write-ins every Monday in November starting at 5 p.m. at the Centralia Library for those who want to hang out with other ambitious writers.

At the end of the evening, we had a great time writing for 5 minutes using creative prompts. Our guild is filled with very witty wordsmiths. If you would like to stir your creative juices like we did, you can find all of Amy’s prompts below. I found them all quite inventive.

  1. You are having a conversation with your friend when all of a sudden they turn into a frog.
  2. You literally bump into your Soulmate
  3. Your character wakes up to find a nondescript black box with two buttons on it next to their bed. One is labeled “press here to continue as normal” and the other one is labeled “?”.
  4. At birth, everyone has a date they will die tattooed on their arm. Yours was yesterday.
  5. Your character was given a treasure map. Your choice: How they got the map, the journey to the treasure, or what they found.
  6. Make a normal task the Most. Dramatic. Thing. EVER!
  7. Your character is claustrophobic and gets stuck in an elevator
  8. Your character is suddenly famous. Only he or she has no idea why.
  9. As you’ve slept, the teddy bear you adore has fought off demons to keep you safe. The night before you decide you’re going to get rid of him, seeing as how you’ve outgrown him, you awake to witness his last stand against the forces that intend to forever corrupt your childhood innocence.
  10. Write a story inspired by your favorite song
  11. Bored bored bored! Your character is left with nothing to do and, for some reason, has to remain in the same location.
  12. Your character videotapes a confession. Don’t just include the words of the confession.




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