Utilizing Social Media for Promotion, and Update on Our Anthology

Jennifer Vandenberg will be our speaker for March 20th.
This is what she has to say about the meeting:

“Social media can be an intrusive time-waster or it can be a tool as useful as your word processing program. As a writing platform it can give your stories a home where readers can find and enjoy them. Social media can also be a place where you can connect with other writers and learn more about the writing universe. All it takes is a little knowledge about various sites and a willingness to share your stories. In my talk I will explain how various sites, such as WordPress, Wattpad, Facebook, Goodreads, and KDP can give your writing as little or as much exposure as you want.”
Folks might want to bring lap tops to get started on some of the ideas generated.

Also, as many of you know, Amy Flugel has been working on putting together an anthology for us. If you would like to contribute and have not already done so, you can send her an edited copy of your piece, or bring it to critique group(this Friday, the 13th) or to our LCWG meeting on March 20th. Short stories, poems, memoir, etc….Amy will lead a discussion on what the requirements are for submission.

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