Preparations for our May Meeting

Alison Bailey contacted me with questions regarding what she will present on May 16th. She wanted to try to get a sense of what areas the group struggles with most…Endings? Characterization? Dialogue? Setting? Point of View? If we can choose two of these she will address them in depth, so please comment her on what you would like so I can let here know as soon as possible. She would also like us to (I’ll quote her here)–“bring in a chunk of his or her main project to revise independently after I talk. I’m thinking I’ll talk from 45 minutes to an hour, individual revision would then be 30-45 minutes, and I would invite anyone willing to share their “before” and “after” in the last 30 minutes. I would of course participate with a passage of my own! I would encourage everyone to bring a passage they’re less confident in, (particularly one that pertains to the subjects she addresses in the first part). Anywhere from 5-15 pages. You could also choose to bring a piece you are just getting off the ground, and perhaps use the lecture and the revision time as a little “boost”

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2 Responses to Preparations for our May Meeting

  1. P.A.Thompson says:

    Mostly my problem is the middle. I’ve got the introduction/beginning and I know what’s going to happen at the end… it’s all the ‘stuff’ in the middle I need to make happen. Then I guess it’s the ending, since I’ve never written one.

  2. calliopeintime says:

    For me it’s settings(putting more details about what I see, but the reader doesn’t, and endings(most of mine are cliff hangers for the next book and come to a sometimes abrupt halt.)

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