February Meeting Notes


February 24, 2014

Topic:  Creating an “Anthology of Lewis County Writers Guild”. 

 This was a fun WORKING meeting. Janice Clark started the meeting by showing us anthologies she has worked on and made it clear she would not take on the coordination. It was determined that we could probably do it for less money and with less time invested since the cut and paste methods which people used to use, by utilizing Amazon or Smashwords.
We began with a brainstorm of possible goals which included attracting new folks to join our group, encourage self expression and have a vehicle for sharing our writing with each other and others.
Here’s some of the decisions and commitments which were made:

  • We have a budget of $15 to create a kindle version/createspace book version.
  • Copyrights (edit: ISBN’s not copywrites) are free when you publish with Amazon.com, but we should probably look into Smashwords as well.  Each author will retain their copyright (which is automatic under current laws) granting only one-time publishing rights to the Guild. – from Jan
  • We will invite writers from Lewis County and our ex-members to contribute.
    Amy will take on formatting the submissions with help from Gwen & Ken
    Doyle, Amy F, Jeff and Pat all offered to do copy editing – for copy, not content.
  • We will accept short stories, poems or excerpts with a limitation of approximately 2500-3000 words(depending on the number of entries?) So far we have 10 or 11 people who plan to submit.
  • Marcia will design a cover, Larry Roth will photograph the cover and we will share info on how to size it based on requirements from Amazon…

Our new friend Gail kept us on track by asking tough questions re: goals, intentions etc. President Pat ended the meeting by prodding us to bring in some work to share with each other. Let’s get writing, editing, choosing!
Other things:
Holly will call Elizabeth Wales, the agent who participated in our first writing contest to come speak to us.

Deadline #1 – Next meeting – bring an estimate of what you personally would like to submit.  Number of pieces and length of each.  This will give us an idea of size.

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2 Responses to February Meeting Notes

  1. gramajan says:

    Correction: “copyrights are free…” should refer to ISBNs. Each author will retain their copyright (which is automatic under current laws) granting only one-time publishing rights to the Guild.

  2. Thank you so much Jan for filling in the pertinent details here. I love working collaboratively. And this group is really working together! Hey,for our next meeting, I think we should write a short story, collaboratively. Am I kidding? I don’t really know.
    By the way, I have attempted to find contact info for Elizabeth Wales on her website and cannot a phone number. I did, however find a lengthy description of what she would probably cover which people can see here: http://www.edsguild.org/life-literary-agent-elizabeth-wales-wales-literary-agency. I have emailed Alison Bailey from Olympia who presented in Liz Kellebrews Creative Writing masters program from Goddard College and am waiting for a reply. Liz said she is very inspiring.

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