January Character Workshop

On Friday, January 17th Holly will present her Character Workshop. As usual it will be zany and unpredictable. The social hour will be from 5pm to 6pm, Workshop will start then and we expect to go longer as usual as there is no concert booked for that evening. The workshop will go to 8pm at least, and there may be time afterwards if people want to share readings.  The workshop will feature inner monologues, group therapy, and character interviews, so all participants are asked to “bring a character with them” to work on. Please dress VERY warmly…coats, mittens, hats…(not only for a possible skit, but because it will be January, and the building is hard to heat sometimes). We’ll have blankets & hot beverages available. The specials for January will be Gourmet Chili con Carne, or a Hearty Vegetarian Soup,(both with corn bread and Slaw @$9.95) Snacks available will be either Bean Dip, Scones, Brownies or Apple Pie. If you want to call in a reservation you get the meal for only $8.95–360-740-0492 and leave a message or email. Holly@matrixcoffeehouse.com

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