December Meeting TONIGHT!

Yes, this is the season to share, and I encourage you to share whatever you can, with whoever you can, even if it’s just a smile or an encouraging word.  Life is about sharing…

But in addition to sharing good cheer, this is about a special kind of sharing…

Next Friday, we invite you to share with us your writing.  Your latest project in process?  That “masterpiece” you wrote last month?  Or something special you wrote that maybe you have never had the courage to share before?  Whatever it is, we are waiting and anxious to hear it!

Oh, and rumor has it that we might have participants from other writing groups there too! 

And if you have never read any of your work before, let me encourage you to try it.  You will be amazed at the insights reading your work aloud will give you.  And remember, everything you want is outside your comfort zone!

And don;t forget we have food and drink available!

Meeting:  Sharing your Writing
Date:  Friday, December 20, 2013
Time:  5:00 social hour, 5:45 – 7:45 PM Presentation
Place:  Matrix Coffeehouse (434 NW Prindle St. Chehalis. )

See you Friday!  Bring a friend, or someone you just met…  And now I have to go find something to read…
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