Reminder to Reach Out

Evening with the Authors

Event Title: Evening with the Authors
Date/Time: Fri, Dec 2nd 4:00pm – 7:00pm
Location: Lewis County Historical Museum, 599 NW Front Way, Chehalis

The Lewis County Historical Museum will host its 3rd Annual “Evening with the Authors” event. Several local authors will be on hand for a book signing.

Let’s go out and meet some new authors and invite them to attend our next meeting which is Friday, December 20th from 5:45 to 7:45

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3 Responses to Reminder to Reach Out

  1. gramajan says:

    Correction: Friday, December 6. Members only 4-5, open to the public 5-7 (according to the museum announcement).

  2. calliopeintime says:

    Thanks Jan, I just cut and pasted. They obviously did not fix the announcement on the website. Rick just noticed it this morning. Will see you there!

  3. calliopeintime says:

    Jan and I were there. I bought one of her books. I was surprised to find my name and a chair although I had never confirmed I’d be there:).
    There were a lot of authors there, Jan had made an impromptu flyer for our meeting this month and we gave them out inviting authors to read with us on Friday, Dec. 20th. Hope some will show up, but perhaps we should do it again this year…maybe during the summer? The event was a great gathering of authors, but maybe next year we could invite folks to come over to Matrix to do readings later the same night. I also networked with another group of writers, Southwest Washington Writers and talked with Sandra Crowell about coordinating our efforts to do a conference here..

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