LCWG Meeting 11/15/13

• Workshop on the use of body language and facial expression to advance character development

▪ Hosted by Doyle ◦

Introspection is the other primary means of character development. ◦ Reader must be able to see the character speak as well as hear them or else the characters blend together. Banker vs Grocer can be differentiated through their mannerisms.

◦ Exercise 1

▪ Draw a card.

▪ With a partner, show the level (A-K, not suit, not exact number, no number of fingers) of your card through body language and facial expression. How does the card make you feel?

▪ Continue with other partners.

▪ Write for 10 minutes about anything, may be inspired by your card.

• Incorporate anything you noticed you or your partners do to effectively communicate.

• Do not write: character says “_”, character does _ , character says “_” , character does _ . • Show, don’t tell.

◦ Interlude: Writers Conferences

▪ Emerald City Writers’ Conference • Oct. 17-19, 2014 • Hosted by Greater Seattle Romance Writers Assoc. •

▪ Pacific Northwest Writers Conference • July 17-20, 2014 • Hosted by Pacific Northwest Writers Assoc. •

▪ Pikes Peak Writers Conference • April 25-27, 2014 • Hosted by Pikes Peak Writers •

◦ Exercise 2

▪ Everyone picks a number 1-10

▪ One guesser attempts to guess what number each person has.

▪ Steer the guesser using only body language and facial expression.

▪ Pay attention to the conscious and unconscious responses of the number holders. ▪ Write for 10 minutes about anything, may be inspired by your number

• Incorporate what you noticed from the guessing game.

• What actions elicited which response from the guesser?

• What are the things people do without thinking and what does this say about them?

• Show, don’t tell.

• Notes ◦ Dec. 20: Reading Night ▪ Bring something to read. ▪ Bring a guest or new writer. • Attended: ◦ PAT ◦ Doyle ◦ Marcia ◦ Amy ◦ Becky ◦ Holly ◦ Jan ◦ Pat ◦ PJ Gill (Bishop) ◦ Jeff


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Retired and doing new things: Setting up a business. Writing. Learning to play guitar.
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One Response to LCWG Meeting 11/15/13

  1. calliopeintime says:

    Thanks for the notes, Pat. This was a really fun meeting, I thought.

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