Reminder – Nov 15 LCWG Meeting – 5:00 Social – 5:30 Mtg.

Doyle will put on a writing workshop about non-verbal communication between characters.  Showing.  Not telling!

We all write dialogue, but dialogue is more than speech.  We talk with our hands, our postures, and our facial expressions. The characters in our stories should do the same.  At our meeting next month I’ll lead the group in an activity that will bring body-language out for close study.  Then we’ll use it.  Bring paper and pencil.  – Doyle


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Retired and doing new things: Setting up a business. Writing. Learning to play guitar.
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2 Responses to Reminder – Nov 15 LCWG Meeting – 5:00 Social – 5:30 Mtg.

  1. calliopeintime says:

    “This workshop will provide great ways for nanowriters to increase their word count and be more active writers at the same time,” she said with a grin and a wink.

  2. calliopeintime says:

    Matrix will be hosting a Nanowrimo write-in that night as well, after the workshop. If anyone would like to share their work, either from what they have written this month or from any other piece there is no concert planned so it would be a great night to share our work with each other.

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