LEWIS COUNTY WRITERS’ GUILD General Meeting October 18, 2013


P.A.T., LeeAnn, Holly, Doyle, Marcia, Larry, Amy, Jan, Pat, Gwen

  • No minutes from the last meeting were available for review
  • Amy opened the meeting by asking all of the members, “Why do you write?”

Some of the answers were:

  • Stories “bug” her to be told
  • “…gotta write…”
  • Characters need “to be heard”
  • To say something with a message without “lecturing”
  • A role model was a writer
  • Because the creative process is enjoyable and it is a way of expressing thoughts, ideas, beliefs…
  • Raised in a family of storytellers.  Told stories as a child.
  • Because it’s fun.  Ideas and learning keeps the mind active.
  • Because you can “do things” in your writing that you may not be able to do in your actual life.
  • Because it is fun and entertaining.  And it’s fun to “play with your characters.”
  • Amy then did a presentation and went on to talk about other ways to get your writing seen
    • Zines:  these are most often a small circulation of self-published works of original or fan fiction.
    • Amy writes fan fiction (FF) which is fiction written by a fan of a particular TV series, movie, book, etc. and features the characters from that work.  Some examples are:
      • Lord of the Rings
      • House
      • Star Trek
      • Twilight
      • Harry Potter
      • M*A*S*H
      • Anime
      • And Amy’s favorite:  Sherlock Holmes


  • She then discussed different sites for sharing fan fiction (FF)
  • NOTE:  There are also sites that are STORY or CHARACTER specific. For example:
    • For Twilight:

–          Twilighted.net

–          TwilightArchives.com

–          TwiFic.net

  • For Star Trek:

–          TrekFanFiction.net

–          TrekFiction.com

  • For Harry Potter:

–          HarryPotterFanFiction.com

–          HPFanFicArchive.com

  • Holly said that writing fan fiction is a “contemporary way to connect.”  And Amy said it is a good way to find “wacky people just like you!”
  • National Novel Writing Month was discussed
    • Website:  (http://nanowrimo.org/
    • November is National Novel Writing Month.  Write 50,000 in the month of November!
    • If you don’t want to write, look at the forums:  http://nanowrimo.org/forums
      • Read the threads, forums, conversations and groups
      • Ask questions
      • Explore all the different options
      • And check out the Freebies!
  • And at THE MATRIX COFFEEHOUSE on October 31st there will be a Halloween costume party —And everyone is invited to the NANO KICK-OFF AT MIDNIGHT!!!
    • Bring your laptop, paper and pen or quill and ink
    • Keep typing as long as you can
    • No Sleeping!!
  • Holly then spoke about Diary Writing
    • She quoted Anais Nin and read from Anais’ journal

 Link to Amy’s Magazine Info here

  • THANK YOU AMY!!! Great job!!!  And thank you to Holly and Pat for additional presentations.
  • And congratulations to Jan who won the drawing.


Next Month:  Doyle will put on a writing workshop about non-verbal communication between characters.  Showing.  Not telling!  More information regarding this discussion and workshop will be forthcoming — so keep an eye on the website!

We all write dialogue, but dialogue is more than speech.  We talk with our hands, our postures, and our facial expressions. The characters in our stories should do the same.  At our meeting next month I’ll lead the group in an activity that will bring body-language out for close study.  Then we’ll use it.  Bring paper and pencil.  – Doyle

Note:  December 6 there will be an Author’s Night at the Depot Museum.  Everyone should plan to attend.  I couldn’t find any information on their website — but call the museum for information.

Also, meeting dues for the Lewis County Writers’ Guild is now $2 per session/per person.   If you forgot to pay, please be sure to bring your late dues to the next meeting:  Friday, November 15th


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2 Responses to LEWIS COUNTY WRITERS’ GUILD General Meeting October 18, 2013

  1. Regarding the Evening With the Authors on Dec 6, that’s the Lewis County Historical Museum, which is in an old train depot in Chehalis, not to be confused with the Depot Museum in Tenino. The announcement was made in the museum newsletter, but doesn’t seem to have made it to the website calendar. The City of Chehalis announces the event at http://ci.chehalis.wa.us/generalpage/evening-authors but has some of the details wrong–I sent them a message to correct it. The phone number for the Historical Museum is 360-748-0831 if anyone wants to sign up or check on details.

  2. Thanks to Leeann for such complete notes, and to Amy for a great program!

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