Meeting notes: Guild Meeting Sept. 20

Meeting notes from 9/20/2013:

Meetings this year:  The third Friday of the months September through June

Oct 18
Nov 15
Dec 20
Jan 17
Feb 21
Mar 21
April 18
May 16
Jun 20

5:00—5:45 Social and dinner time (participants are encouraged to buy snacks or dinner to support the Matrix which does not charge a facility fee).

Programs are from 5:45 to 7:45. On occasion, the program time will extend into the evening for spoken word events (arranged with Matrix when there is not a concert that night).

Dues are $2 for each attended event, unless modified.

Officers were elected:

President–Pat Thompson

Vice President–Doyle McKim

Program coordinator—Holly St. Clair (hopefully with a lot of assistance from the group to step up and coordinate their favorite topics).

Treasurer—LeeAnn Thompson

 It was determined that we have about $200 to start the year(including dues from tonight

Poster Maker—Pat Longley

Please e-mail flyer’s to Jan, Amy F, Marcia and Holly 3 weeks in advance so they can print and distribute them.

Short story Contest coordinator—Doyle McKim

            Details to follow.

Brainstorm of possible programs:

  • Amy Flugel has already come up with a great concept for our October meeting entitled:

Writing Avenues: Different ways to get your Work to the Masses.

Which will include different creative avenues for writing: Nano, Fanfiction, Blogs, journals, magazines, etc.

Coordinator:  Amy Flugel.

  • Meeting/get together of other writing groups and individual writers in Lewis County.

Holly will contact a Toledo author named Allen Dionne – he has published four books on   Amazon.

Please submit ideas for this meeting.

Coordinator:  ?

  • Planning/work meeting for developing/printing an anthology of guild writers’ works – possibly from the short story contest.

Coordinator:  Jan

  • Book Club—Please respond to an email sent out to you about our October meeting with a recommendation for a book the whole group can read and then discuss

Coordinator:  Marcia – could you do this?

  • Read from your favorite author.

Coordinator:  Holly

  • Read from your own work.

Perhaps including book releases, marathon reads as a marketing strategy, including a well-known published author. These presentations could perhaps occur AFTER a regular meeting, open to the public, etc.

Please submit ideas.

Coordinator:  ?

  • Doyle will lead one of the workshops.

Coordinator:  Doyle

  • We will ask Amy Knepper if she would like to present.

Coordinator:  Holly

  • Holly will do a character workshop

Coordinator:  Holly

  • A paid presenter.

Brian Willis (or some other presenter/s?) on what subject?

Please leave comments here about what you would like to see: Memoire, Speculative fiction, dialog, mystery, satire, or other?

Coordinator:  ?


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Retired and doing new things: Setting up a business. Writing. Learning to play guitar.
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2 Responses to Meeting notes: Guild Meeting Sept. 20

  1. gramajan says:

    How did I get to be a coordinator? I’m terrible at organizing anything.

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