Third Friday of every Month

Set your calendar now for the third Friday of every month, starting Friday, September 20th, from 5pm to 7:45pm. As usual, our first meeting of the season will be a brainstorming session to start creating the events for the year which will help us to grow as writers and appreciators of literary arts. What would YOU like to see happening with the Lewis County Writers Guild this year? A few things we have already talked about are: a short story contest, reading from our own work, reading from our favorite authors, and the ever present query of how to share our work with others. We have had some great workshops in the past, but need input from our members to generate the enthusiasm necessary to see our dreams unfold. Please feel free to make comments here on the website…it’s not too early to toss around some ideas.At our first meeting we will also be electing a new president, and other positions may be open as well.
Our “dues” are $2 per session, and we have a bit of money left from last year to get started.
Cririque group started meeting on Thursday nights, instead of Fridays(the second and fourth Fridays). If
this is not working for anyone, please let us know because we want to accomodate EVERYONE

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