Have you ever noticed how you can take two seemingly unrelated words–especially long complicated sounding words–and string them together and it sounds all profound and intriguing? 

This Friday will be our last meeting until September.  So you have to write extra over the summer to make up for not having meetings…

The subject will be PUBLISHING.  We will have some knowledgeable people there, some people with questions, and people who just like to string long complicated words together…

We will explore anything and everything we can come up with regarding getting published, including but not limited to:

+ How we can support each other in ways to share our work
–     Authors nights
–     Book signings
+ New publishing
–     Kindle
–     Create Space
+ Traditional publishing
–     Getting published:  Query Letters, Agents, etc
–     How does promotion work with traditional publishing?
+ Self publishing
–     Collective Group publishing?
+ Promotion
–     How can we use the internet to promote our work?

And we might also throw in things like writing prompts, anonymous suggestion boxes, and maybe we will all implode.  Or maybe the suggestion box will implode.  I suppose if a box was empty enough that would cause it to implode.  You know the universe is mostly empty space, I wonder if it will implode…  Not to mention the empty space in my head…  

Holly will be cooking up some special specials (from snacks to dinners) so come hungry.

And following the meeting will be a performance of “The First and Final” -Spontaneous Composition for the Summer Solstice!  Sonic Explorations on Bouzouki and More!   

I have personally experienced several of these improvisational performances by Moon and friends, and I can vouch for their creative energy!  Highly recommended!  Might even help you climb out of that creative rut you have been stuck in…

See you there!


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