Janice Clark

On Friday, February 15th Janice Clark will present The Power of Story. She will also read from her novel “The Mirror Door”, third in her series of enchanting novels which appeal to all ages.  A fourth novel will be published soon. Ms. Clark has presented at numerous conferences in the Northwest. Copies of “The Mirror Door” will be available.We will have our usual 5pm Social Hour. The program will start at 6pm.

Announcement: We have changed our fee schedule to $1 per attendance at an event, instead of the $20 annual fee.

More about this presenter:

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3 Responses to Janice Clark

  1. PAT says:

    This was a good talk, interesting information presented.

    • calliopeintime says:

      Yay, you found the website! Yes, I really enjoyed it as well. Jan’s books are fun to read. I had an opportunity to get critques from middle school students for her and she used some of their suggestions. Thanks for coming

  2. PAT says:

    Looking for life here… where is it?

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