An Enlightening First Meeting of the Year

On behalf of the Lewis County Writer’s Guild, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Aric Catron who presented our mini-workshop on e-publishing for Kindle on Amazon last night. There was so much interest in the subject that some folks have already expressed the desire to develop a Kindle support group. If and when that happens, we will let everyone know here on the website.

The results of our recruitment, or should I say hostage taking, for fulfilling some of the needs of our growing group is the following:
Holly St. Clair will combine the roles of Program Coordinator with President only because Jeanne Pea so graciously agreed to be her back up Vice President.
The role of treasurer was filled by Jennifer Woodford. Thank you and welcome aboard!
Amy Flugel will continue to recruit items for our door prize and be the loyal dispenser of such prizes.
Larry Roth will continue to maintain our email list, send out his delightful reminders and also post them on our website.
Pat Longley has agreed to continue to make flyers for us, creating a more standard flyer that has changing information with each month’s presentation.
Since the crowd was mute when we addressed the issue of note taking, we decided to share the role as it does seem to be an important thing to do, and was done so well by Marcia and Cindy during the past few years. A new notebook will be requisitioned and obtained, left at Matrix, and passed off in the manner of a gag Christmas gift in a humor-loving family. Everyone will have the experience of being the Notetaker…bwah, ha, ha. But don’t let this scare you out of coming to meetings because we made a few decisions that may encourage more people to attend regularly, including the following:
We will collect $1 from each person for every meeting,(9 possible meetings from September to June) instead of the $20 yearly dues established previously(which did include the writing contest).
A committee will be formed to develop a proposal for a writing contest, perhaps focusing on short stories this year.

Thanks to everyone for writing out what they are currently interested in seeing the Guild do this year. Though we did not take a long time to discuss the possibilites, as Program Coordinator I will do my best to consider the expressed wishes and needs of the group. A general sense of the meeting was that people want support for their writing/creativity, good speakers, especially related to publishing, and “a place to hang my pen,” and “share my writing”and “promote good writing”. It’s all about networking. I’ll go first. Will the person who wrote on their little slip of paper last night “I would like a non-technical group that I can share writing with and get emotional responses.” contact me at This comment reflects the same need I have at this time, and I would love to meet with you regularly.
There were 17 people at last night’s meeting. With a mailing list of 44, that means some writers are still out there pecking away on their sticky keyboards in their lonely caves, needing social contact. Join us!
Lastly, a big THANK YOU to Liz Holsinger(last year’s president), Amy Ryding (last year’s vice-president)and Amy Knepper(last year’s treasurer) for working on so many things to keep this boat afloat.

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