Writing Tip of the Month

It is the characters that carry a story.  They may be human, animal, alien, or robot, but it is the characters that we follow.  What do they want?  Why can’t they have it?  What do they do about it?  For us to care what happens to a character, we must care for the character.  For us to care for the character, the character must be believable.  A character with no emotion, fear, love, hate, loyalty, or greed is unreal.  Even a robot, must show some human traits if we expect the reader to sympathize.  Consider R2D2 and 3CPO.  The same holds true for characters who are overdone: too brave, too noble, too cowardly, too cruel.  The day of the white and black hats is past.  Today’s readers want realism.  A good writer provides it in a manner that lets the reader weigh the good and bad in each of the characters and make their judgments from there.  In other words, show it, don’t just tell it.

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