Writing tip of the month

People say things they do not do; they think things they do not say.  It tells us that the best tool to develop character is introspection.  There are limitations, of course.  When you write thoughts, you are writing those of a viewpoint character.  Adhering to the advice of our last two guest speakers, you do not want too many of those.  Another problem is grammar and vocabulary.  Remember, introspection is not internal dialogue which would go into italics or quotes and use the same speech patterns as that of the character.  Damn me, I didn’t bring no fishnet. Keeping in mind that introspection is the writer’s words expressing the characters thoughts, you would not write: It was his own damned fault that he hadn’t brought no fishnet.   On the other hand, a man who would use that manner of dialogue wouldn’t stand realistically to introspection such as: He took sole blame for the error of bringing no paraphernalia suitable for piscatorial entrapment.  You need something between.  Work on that.

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