Short Fiction Workshop: October 21

I don’t procrastinate, do you?

I wait for more information, I wait for inspiration, I wait to feel creative, I wait to make sure I get it right, I wait to make sure I don’t get it wrong, I wait because I am afraid to write something that is going to be read by a bunch of other writers who will probably criticize me for poorly thought out words, and thoughts, and run on sentences, and grammar mistakes, and undoubtedly I will in the wrong place a preposition put into maybe if I what a preposition was knew…

Besides–this is the perfect time for an announcement… any earlier and you all would have forgotten it by the time you needed to remember… But, you are probably not reading this to hear my rationalizations…

Do you have some of your own?

What: October meeting of the Lewis County Writer’s Guild.
Date: Friday, October 21, 2011
Time: 5PM Social Hour, 6 – 8 PM Presentation
Where: Matrix Coffeehouse

The presentation will be by Doyle McKim and Amy Knepper, talking about Short Fiction, Personal Experience, and Flash Fiction. (No, that’s not what flash fiction means… honestly…) Come and be amazed and inspired!

BRING WRITING MATERIALS! Yeah, I promise, you will use them! (If the presenter’s don’t get you writing, you can use the paper to make paper airplanes to throw at them…)

And no, don’t procrastinate on coming, and whatever excuse you think of for not coming is not valid… Trust me, I know about excuses…


And of course, plan for Nano-November! We will have lots of activities supporting NaNoWriMo!

Go there. NOW! Set your home region to Lewis County, and join us as a Rogue Writer’s Group! There will be an informational pre-meeting at the Chehalis library from 11:00 to 1:00 on Saturday, October 22. And an “all-night” kickoff party on October 31. Halloween costumes, burning critics, socializing, procrastinating… and maybe even writing… See the forums for more information!

The Lewis County Writer’s Guild is for anyone who is interested in writing. (Or people like me who just like to hang out with writers…) We encourage anyone interested to attend, so please invite your friends! Your first visit is free. Each workshop is $3, or an annual membership is $20, which includes entry into our annual contest, eligibility for door prizes, and being part of a really cool group of people, which is priceless!

See you on Friday!


To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. -Joseph Chilton Pearce

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