Novel Writing Contest Winners

Results are in.  Last night, Sept, 16, at the first LCWG meeting of the year, prizes were awarded for the novel-writing contest.  Of eighteen entries, seven had been chosen to stand final judging by Elizabeth Wales of Wales Literary Agency of Seattle.  Those seven are:

  • Death Becomes Me by Amy Flugel
  • Wild Woman of the Beaverhead by Dawn Taylor
  • Crossing the Raging River by Gwen Kruger
  • The Fault List by Amy Flugel
  • Dark Awakening by Joyce Heck
  • The Scorpion Star by Liz Holsinger
  • Riki Ruby Ripley by Thelma Kruise.

After a long evening, electing officers and discussing the course our group wants to take, Contest Director, Doyle McKim, presented certificates of achievement to the top three contestants.

First Prize, with an award of $100 went to The Scorpion Star, by Liz Holsinger. Second Prize, with an award of $50, went to The Fault List, by Amy Flugel.  Third Prize, with an award of $25, went to Wild Woman of the Beaverhead, by Dawn Taylor.

All three winning entries were read to the membership by their authors after the presentation.  Congratulations to them!

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4 Responses to Novel Writing Contest Winners

  1. Anonymous says:

    I loved hearing the top three read their work. They should be proud! Marcia

  2. Congratulations to all of you! Everyone who entered won — it’s a big step entering a contest, learning to figure out and follow procedures that seem crazy sometimes, and then … waiting. So everybody wins.

    But congrats especially to Liz, Amy and Dawn. Your hard work writing and revising, revising, revising shows. Now, revise the rest of that book and send it to ten agents or editors!

    Sorry I missed the meeting. I thought of you all, all evening. My heart was with you.

    • Thanks to everyone who labored to make the contest a success… then congratulations to everyone who was brave enough and believed in their stories enough to enter… then thanks again to those who believed in my story as well. Katrina, you were missed! But I think you were with us in spirit.
      I think the LCWGuild is meant to become a Guild of brave writers going boldly wherever their story takes them, and whatever we can do to make that happen, we should do it!
      Now I’m going to go hide in my living room with a warm fuzzy blanket and take a nap before I try to find those 10 fabled agents…. 🙂

    • Amy Flugel says:

      Too bad we couldn’t have you join us, Katrina, via Skype!

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